Delegating your Accounting tasks to Spader Group will offer you tremendous relief in your business operations. Our team of professional experts can handle everything from bookkeeping to payroll, and more.

Accounts Receivables/Payables
Our team is able to process all of your Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables while organizing and managing your invoices and expenses with ease.

No need to spend your time managing payroll, when Spader Group can do it all for you. Processing forms, setting up direct deposit, setting the appropriate deductions and ensuring your employees are paid on time is just one of our expertise.

Monthly/Annual Reporting
Spader Group can easily take on the tasks of your monthly and annual reporting for all of your assets and liabilities, removing the headache of the details from you.

Debt Collections
Spader Group will handle all debt collections for your company in a highly professional manner.

Sales Tax Filing
Tax laws are always changing. We have the knowledge and highly trained professionals who can properly file all of your sales tax for you.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Management
If your company utilizes accounting or bookkeeping software, our team can manage that for you. We understand that not everyone possesses the necessary skills to make accounting software work for them. That’s why Spader Group has professionally trained employees who can manage all of your accounting and bookkeeping for your business.

Spader Group also offers but is not limited to the following services related to your bookkeeping and accounting needs:
• Payroll Services
• Order Management
• Inventory Management
• Asset Management

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