Reviews and Feedback From Valued Clients

Review Image“I have been singing Spader Group praises for a while now, but honestly I didn’t understand the complexity of what Shawndel and her team could take on until I handed over my accounts payable and receivable. We started fairly simple when I asked Shawndel to head over to our office and help us put our processes in to place. This has made it SO much easier to onboard new employees and clients. This task alone has saved us hundreds of hours instead of recreating the wheel. Shortly after we finished this project, her team took over our bookkeeping and helped put a strong budget in to place. Another amazing (and stressful) thing on MY plate. Oh how I love delegation. If that doesn’t all sound sweet enough, her hubby and biz partner handles all of our IT concerns, and you can bet we have them! I trust her with every little area of my business and personal information. Trust and respect are two strong character traits found in her entire organization. I highly recommend Shawndel whenever I can.”
~ Tena Pettis, Owner, tena.cious

“Shawndel with Spader Group has been nothing, but helpful. She goes above and beyond in all areas to help me and my business in any way that she can. She educates me and is patient on so many questions that I have had. She is great with Quickbooks and makes it very obvious that she cares about her clients. She is great great great to work with. Highly recommended!
~ Anna Simon, Owner, HappiHaven Group Fitness & Wellness, Inc.

“Simply amazing! Shawndel and the Spader Group have helped my company fill in the gaps. We do our best to run a smooth operation, however, like many busy business owner’s there are things that I do not like to do. Shawndel has helped me identify those things and now takes care of them for me. Lastly, Shawndel sees the direction of where my business is going and will offer helpful infrastructure suggestions. Spader Group has been a most powerful tool for my company.”
~ Rob Okonek, Owner, Ultra Clean, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Shawndel for nearly 2 years. In this time the qualities that I sincerely appreciate are her honesty, openness, creativeness and her get it done attitude to name a few ….

I have had a significant number of business issues that have needed solutions, she is the first person I ask for help! She is a key to my business success not only as my administrative assistant but as a trusted business advisor. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with her company.”
~ Gene Wood, Owner, Life’s Pure Balance, Inc.

I’ve been working with Shawndel for 6 months now and TRUST and recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for relief and better results in their business.

“Shawndel and her team are driven to solve problems, simplify and streamline systems — so I can stop wasting time on what I’m not good at. If I so much as say anything that even might suggest a potential problem in my business, Shawndel recognizes the opportunity and her mind goes immediately to how to make my life easier. She proposes a solution almost before I have time to protest that I could do it myself. I love that!

Running a business takes a lot of time and energy and can consume an entrepreneur’s life. Shawndel and her team provide that much-needed relief that is allowing me to have a better relationship with my business and my life. I’m able to live my mission: to contribute to a greater cause by helping people discover, embrace and live their WHY.”
~ Linda Rasch, Owner, Vibrant You, LLC

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