Shaina Munro

Shaina is an Account Manager who knows how to dive in and ask questions along the way. She is eager to support entrepreneurs who are just starting out as well as those who are seasoned & looking for loyal support along the way.

Shaina has a distinguished reputation for instilling a professional, enthusiastic commitment to clients and their goals. Her self-driven career path spans 20+ years with experience in both office and retail management, as well as the mortgage industry which has ultimately guided her to follow her passion in helping others seek the growth they desire.

She has a great sense of pride as she helps businesses organize their finances to have a clearer picture of their financial position throughout the year. Dedicated and highly motivated with an eye for accuracy, high degree of attention to detail and timeliness while managing confidential material in an ethical manner.

In her own time, Shaina thrives on the chaos & energy of a busy household – from a daughter nearing graduation in the next year to 2 younger boys just embarking their journey into their elementary years & hockey as their favorite sport. Her and her husband love loud rock concerts. Exercise is her favorite “me time” and someday, when the kids are older…dreams of frequent trips to a tropical beach.

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